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    We implement high impact business solutions. read more »
  • Efficiency

    We design processes to improve asset management and asset operation. read more »
  • Innovation

    Concrete initiatives in the field of research and technological development. read more »
  • Effectiveness

    We encourage the development of people, and the strengthening of social responsibility. read more »
  • Competitiveness

    We encourage the operational reliability of our customers and their environment. read more »
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  • Operational Reliability

    The products and services of CGS are designed to improve the operational reliability of the companies, that is to impact the competitiveness perspective to ensure optimal performance of the companies resources.(…)

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  • From processes design to operation and asset management.

    CGS supports companies both in the design and evaluation of production processes, mainly in the engineering phase of new investment projects, as in the field of management and improvement of business. (…)

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  • Engineering, Management and Technology.

    The implementation of high value innovative solutions, with measurable results, requires multidisciplinary processes, combining engineering as a tool for analysis and the design of complex processes (…)

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    “Impact of fleet availability on the management efficiency of the assets”.

    The present article presents the formulation of the ROA (Return on Assets) indicator, which is related with the cost of [...]

    “Calculation of OEE in fleet (in revision)”.

    The present paper translates a productive effectiveness indicator of industrial plants into a cargo fleet effectiveness indicator.

    “Comminution process optimisation through reliability and maintainability modelling and simulation”.

    The aim of this work is to develop a methodology, using RAM (Reliability, Availability and Maintainability), to modelate and simulate [...]
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  • Development of Reliability Engineering in the Company Puerto Mejillones, under the R-MES approach.

    Create an organizational culture appropriate to launch an oriented initiative, not only to lower costs and increase sustainable production, but... read more »

  • RAM modelation and simulation to identify improvement opportunities under an LCC approach

    Identify opportunities for improvement in terms of RAM (reliability, availability and maintainability), which allow to maximize the operational security of... read more »

  • RAM Simulation and analysis of improvements cases

    Identify opportunities for improvement in terms of RAM (Reliability, Availability and Maintainability) which allow to maximize the safety of operation... read more »

  • Implementation of R-MES and Reliability Engineering Service.

    To implement in mine management a reliability engineering tool and deliver monthly reports to identify opportunities for improvement.

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  • Improvement of Operational Reliability

    To support the cross implementation of processes and tools that ensure the systematic improvement of operational reliability.

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  • Management and business improvement.

    To develop an asset management design aligned with corporate strategy and operational weaknesses, and proposes a roadmap for the implementation... read more »

  • NEWS

    CGS participated in the Eighth International Seminar on Mineral Processing, with the essay “Comminution process optimization through modeling and simulation... read more »
  • NEWS

    Since the 8th of May this year CGS SA opened its new office in Santiago. It is located in one of... read more »
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