Evaluation of new projects

RAM modelation and simulation to identify improvement opportunities under an LCC approach


Codelco (VP), Proyecto Andina Fase II


Identify opportunities for improvement in terms of RAM (reliability, availability and maintainability), which allow to maximize the operational security of the Nueva Andina Phase II Project, given a restriction of CAPEX, through the LCC (Life Cycle Cost) evaluation of different scenarios.

Development of the case:

The development of this project is scoped to the comminution plant, from the primary crusher to the discharge grinding (these included) of the Nueva Andina Phase II Project, processes in which a RAM simulation will be performed, that allows to evaluate different scenarios, in order to reduce the CAPEX (capital expenditure) of the proyect to impact in the minimum possible way on their operational security.

To do this study, the R-MES tool was used, with the goal to generate the functional logic diagram of the process, identifying criticalities either through data collected by the customer, or from information of CGS from similar processes , and/or industry benchmarking. Which together, through a stochastic analysis, are modeled and simulated in different scenarios, looking for the best structural combination, which allow to identify opportunities, changing redundancy (split, parallel, Stand by, storage, etc.). Applying aswell, assessments according to the LCC methodology, for the various improvements and optimized scenarios given the constraints of the CAPEX.