Evaluation of new projects

RAM Simulation and analysis of improvements cases


Quadra FNX, Proyecto Sierra Gorda


Identify opportunities for improvement in terms of RAM (Reliability, Availability and Maintainability) which allow to maximize the safety of operation of the Sierra Gorda project.

Development of the case:

The development of this project is scoped to the comminution plant, from the primary crusher to the discharge grinding (these included) of the Sierra Gorda Project, processes in which a RAM (reliability, availability and maintainability) simulation will be performed, with the help of R-MES a software developed within the company (in house), which allows to evaluate different scenarios. This software provides the ability to audit and project the overall performance of the assets that are desired to be evaluated, in an integral and rigorous way, complementing the systems analysis through the RBD (reliability block diagram) methodology, and also the development of historical and probabilistic analysis of key indicators (KPI’s) for the process.
For this project was used the simulation module of R-MES (Monte Carlo), which consist of creating a mathematical model of the system, process or activity to be analyzed, identifying those input variables from which its random behavior determines the overall system behavior. All this with the goal to identify critical equipment or systems within the functional logic configuration of the process, determine the expected levels of production in isolation or integrated way for different scenarios under certain levels of accuracy.