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As a result of its relationship with universities in Chile and abroad, and the training and experience of its consultants, CGS has an active role in the development and dissemination of knowledge in its areas of expertise. In addition, CGS sees these initiatives as a concrete way to contribute to society and to strengthen the innovative spirit of the company.

In concrete terms, CGS Academy and its consultants are permanently involved in seminars and conferences in various disciplines of engineering and management. Some outstanding examples are, EUROMAINTENANCE, MAPLA, MANTEMIN, and PROCEMIN. Additionally, CGS consultants have extensive experience in applied research that allows them to contribute in various publications and books, particularly in areas such as asset management, reliability engineering, production, energy, supply, competitiveness and entrepreneurship.

Additionally CGS through this unit has participated in projects, in a particular way with CORFO or other similar institutions, oriented to sectorial development or entrepreneurship encouragement. Outstanding among these initiatives is the participation in a project to identify innovative solutions with high-potential for strengthen the mining cluster, and an initiative aimed at training entrepreneurs in the fifth region, that require to scale their technological business in the U.S.

In the field of training, some professionals are actively involved in CGS diplomas and master’s programs that are taught by leading universities. Even CGS Academy has an active role in the MAM&O programs taught by the Catholic University of Valparaiso.

Research Areas: Publications and Papers

CGS has been characterized by continuously generating paper's and published on topics related to reliability engineering, asset management and work done with the different areas in which it has involved, focusing mainly on mining, given his experience.

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Exhibitions and Seminars:

Because of the close bond that CGS has with the training and teaching, the company's participation in seminars and exhibitions is permanent. Proof of this is participation in seminars such as; Procemin, Mantemin, among others.

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Graduates and Postgraduates:

CGS has its diplomate (DGA) and Masters (MAM), focused on the management of assets and the application of Reliability Engineering. That seeks to embrace effectively the challenges which are facing professionals in related fields.

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