CGS Training

CGS Training is an OTEC verified by SENCE, which objective is to fulfill the training requirements of our clients and professionals on both public and private sector along different areas of experiences on companies, specially on deploying of reliability engineering, subject in which we have advised big companies and trained a considerable amount of professionals.
We offer our experience to give training services to executives, professionals and technicians, for this we have a wide variety of technical courses and specialized programs, which are taught by a team of rapporteurs in the corresponding areas, most of them belong to the most important universities of the country which keep a strong bond with the industry, besides foreign specialists.

Online Courses:

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Special Programs:

In addition are dictate special programs and diplomates that are directed to professionals who have under its responsibility the direction of maintenance management, as well as design engineers, operations, maintenance and production.

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In house Courses:

CGS Training Speakers are available to dictate all programs and courses offered openly through our Annual Training Calendar, in the place and date that most suits the needs of your enterprise.

The programs and courses "In Company" are a very attractive alternative, since moreover of the economic advantages when you want to train various professionals at the same time, have the sufficient flexibility to adapt to meet the specific needs of your enterprise, also allowing participants to discuss specific issues of the organization.