Our Company:

Strategic Consulting in Operational Reliability

We are a strategic consulting company focused on developing the Operational Reliability in asset-intensive plants, a leader in Chile in the field of development and implementation of initiatives for improvement in both production plants in operation and in the design stage. We have a team of about 20 highly qualified professionals in various areas, i.e. engineering, management, development and project management, among others, whose experience was gained through graduate study and a broad business experience.

The senior team consists of professionals with extensive experience both nationally and internationally. They are experts in their respective areas and stand out not only for their work as international consultants but also by their private world experience as entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, business developers, business managers and investors. It is also important the involvement of some of them in the academic world that allows them to apply different experiences in R & D to business reality and bring knowledge from his ground state to the creation of value in a company.

As a complement we have a network of professional part-time experts in specific areas who participate in the development of particular projects. Among them there are civil engineers, psychologists, economists, designers, informatics and commercial engineers. Our values ​​are the pillars that underpin all what CGS represents for both our customers and collaborators, as for our team. They are the basis for the behavior of our staff and what the market can expect from us: EFFICIENCY, EFFECTIVENESS, EFFICACY and INNOVATION.


To collaborate with businesses through the provision of intensive services in knowledge, for new business developments, identifying opportunities for improvement and the implementation of innovative solutions, so as to ensure sustainable competitiveness for the benefit of business results. All this through the participation of a professional team with trajectory and young talent, with strong analytical training, soft skills and sensitivity to the business environment for the development and implementation of processes and methodologies involved in the field of management, engineering and technology, with an approach that is distinguished by its expertise and valuable content, customized to the particular needs of each of the companies with reference to the various players in the global economy.


Having a global presence and be a local referent in the field of management, engineering and technology in different sectors of the economy, in regard to the delivery of high-value services, implementing comprehensive solutions, customized and innovative and the continued development of applied knowledge in our area of ​​expertise for the benefit of business customers while respecting the environment and people.

Quality Policy:

Our commitment is to respond efficiently and effectively to our customers through products and services associated with development, consulting, research, assistance and training in the field of management, engineering and technology, for continuously improving our management processes and the generation of new products and services through a Quality management System based on ISO 9001:2008.

  • CGS Training:

    The CGS Training Unit, aims to meet the requirements of training and formation of our clients and professionals from public and private sectors in various areas of expertise in the company, especially in the deployment of Reliability Engineering, an area in which we have advised large companies and trained a large number of professionals.

    We offer our experience to give training services to executives, professionals and technicians, to do so we have a wide range of technical courses, specialized programs and diplomats, which are taught by a team of expert narrators in relevant areas, mostly academic of the largest universities in the country, who maintain a strong contact with the industry, also foreign specialists.

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  • CGS Academy:

    Represents and materializes one of the guiding principles of operation of CGS: the transfer of knowledge. Through the programs of Diplomat and Masters (dictated jointly with the Catholic University of Valparaiso) CGS is linked with the academic world contributing their applied knowledge, remaining at the forefront of trends in improvement of process and projects and best practices. The previous is materialized also in publications (papers and books) and presentations at various seminars nationally and internationally.

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  • RMES:

    RMES is an integral system, rigorous and easy to use, that allows the management of maintenance from an engineering point of view for any systemic configuration. Functionally, it allows to develop historical and probabilistic systemic analysis of the reliability and availability of complex production systems, complemented by modules with high value-added that allow to develop and energize the master plans of maintenance tailored to the company’s own reality, as well as to simulate and suggest genetic improvements in production facilities, evaluation of equipment replacement and the management of strategic spares.

    In summary, RMES is a platform for the implementation and development of Reliability Engineering that supports not only the operation phase of maintenance but also the maintainability of projects.

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