Innovación y Desarrollo:

IT development and informatic platforms

Innovation and development

A differentiating aspect of CGS is that it has a team of technological development oriented to the development of innovative computing platforms that seek to facilitate the use of complex engineering tools. Thereby, CGS transforms external knowledge or created internally, in cutting-edge computer applications, such as R-MES, a reference platform in the field of reliability engineering.

In parallel, we worked on the development of stochastic algorithms, that allow us to simulate, evaluate and optimize production processes considering the probability of equipment detention or failure, and the maintenance plans in order to make an estimation of the expected production and operating costs, investment costos and the effect of Stockpile systems in the operational safety of the processes.

Among other applications stand out the tools for the sensitization of scenarios, for the risk analysis and economic evaluation of projects.

In the role of developers, participate various engineers of different specialties, allowing both, technological development and the theoretical conceptualization and practical modeling of real problems.