Conocimiento e Investigación:

Transference of knowledge

Research and most recent ideas.

CGS participates in various national and international meetings related to the generation and transfer of knowledge in different areas of business and sectorial impact. Thereby, our consultants participate in seminars, publications and books, enabling them to be referring sources in areas where CGS has worked.

  • Publications, Papers, Exhibitions and Seminars:

    For CGS is essential to complement his performance as a Consultant and his teaching rol. Given this, along of his path the company has been involved in seminars and exhibitions, producing papers and publications since always. Obtaining recognition, not only nationally but also internationally.

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  • Graduates and Postgraduates:

    CGS has the Master of Industrial Engineering, mention Asset Management and Operational Reliability (MAM). Course that provides guidelines to address the challenges of global competition, providing tools for management and operation of assets. Favoring the sustainability of the business, centered in short and long term.

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