Formación y Capacitación:

“Providing knowledge”

Training and education.

Both the experience in consulting projects in different areas, and the relationship with the academic world of CGS and its consultants, have allowed CGS to acquire significant knowledge, which is part of their value proposition. This practical and theoretical background is available for the client, not only through its consulting services but also through a wide range of training programs and training for professionals with different roles in the company. The aim is to support the development of high performing organizations that foster continuous improvement and also to ensure the sustainability of the solutions delivered by CGS.

The programs focus on improving operational reliability, and therefore cover areas such as production, asset management and maintenance, supply, energy, reliability and maintainability and engineering. The programs are divided into two groups that differ mainly in duration and scope.

  • In house and Open Courses:

    The first group corresponds to open courses or in-company between 2 to 5 days for professionals seeking training or entrain in a accelerated way in areas directly related to daily work within their functions. Therefore, it provides a basic theoretical knowledge and emphasizes the application of practical tools.

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  • Featured Programs / Special:

    The second type of program is aimed at professionals seeking to broaden and deepen their theoretical knowledge, as well as apply the concepts to the business reality from a more strategic role. In this regard CGS is actively involved in diplomates and masters dictated by Chilean and foreign universities.

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