Management and optimization of operational projects

  • Development of Reliability Engineering in the Company Puerto Mejillones, under the R-MES approach.

    The project methodology considered 5 stages.

    Strategic-Operational Integration : This point is related to the roles and responsibilities of the reliability indicators. Which people would be in charge?, What would the scope of these indicators and their metrics be?, etc.

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  • Implementation of R-MES and Reliability Engineering Service.

    The goal was to provide a remote reliability engineering service in outsourcing mode, to facilitate and enable strategic decision making and tactical-operational, and identify any opportunities for improvement.

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  • Improvement of Operational Reliability

    It consisted in the development of an Operational Reliability Model that was transverse to the organization with a methodology that consisted of:

    Gathering information of the current situation and the definition of current policies of operational Reliability: Realization of policy-setting workshop [...] Read all case »

  • Management and business improvement.

    CGS participated in the engineering area design, particularly in the maintenance engineering department with the goal of improving the operational reliability of the mine site.

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